How to Launch Stress-Free 360 Surveys



A handbook by Rebecca Heaslip, President of Leadership Insight. Click here to purchase.


Learn step-by-step instructions and the best practices for implementing 360 Degree Feedback Surveys in your organization to assess employee/manager performance and potential.

Suitable for all managers, human resources professionals, and executives who want to
learn how to create a survey environment free of stress and anxiety for participants and their raters.

With tried-and-true steps for effective design, administration and follow-up to a 360 survey, you’ll understand why companies around the world regularly employ this tool.





“At DeBeers Canada we found the services of Rebecca Heaslip at Leadership Insight and the instruction outlined in her  book ‘How to Launch Stress-Free 360 Surveys,’ most helpful in  advancing our leadership effectiveness. The step by step process provided is readily understandable and transferrable into practice. By following the steps, we were able to gain early buy-in from managers and staff, achieve high participation rates and impressive results - greater collaboration among our managers and commitment to a high performance culture.

I highly recommend this book to corporations looking to gain insight into how to evaluate their leadership talent.”
Ingrid Hann - VP Human Resources, De Beers Canada Inc.

“The 360 Degree Feedback Survey has become an important and reliable diagnostic resource for business owners, leaders and managers in performance appraisals, identifying high performance employees and assisting in individual career coaching. Rebecca Heaslip has written a highly user-friendly book that provides a roadmap to understanding, using and applying the 360 Degree survey. Anyone using or thinking about using the 360 Degree Survey in their companies would be well advised to read this compact and practical book.”
Moss A Jackson - PhD - President, Corporate Initiatives

"This handbook gives you clear instructions on how to put together your own Stress-Free 360 Surveys and get REAL results!"
Carl Henry - Henry Associates

Through our extensive experience in implementing 360 surveys, we have identified the right and wrong way to implement these surveys. You won't just learn the differences, but also the best steps for putting them to use.


This must-read handbook for launching 360 degree feedback surveys is available to purchase in PDF format, here or alternatively as an e-book on Amazon  Kindle for $9.97.