Assessment of Leadership Capacity for Organizations in Transition

During times of significant organizational change - restructuring, mergers and acquisitions, investors are acutely aware of the importance of assembling a strong leadership team capable of taking the organization to the next level. Assessment of a senior leadership team provides assurance to investors that the leaders have the capacity to successfully lead and inspire others through change, thereby ensuring business continuity, productivity and future revenue growth.

Leadership Insight Inc. has more than 15 years’ of experience helping small to mid-sized organizations develop and execute talent strategies. For private and public investment firms and organizations undergoing change, we offer objective, third party assessment and consulting services to enable informed decisions pre-sale during due diligence; and/or post-sale to accelerate growth and achieve your corporate vision. We work with you to:

  • Define the set of leadership competencies, behaviours and values required of a CEO (and COO, CFO) in the acquired or merged company.
  • Conduct validated assessment of incumbents in these and other leadership roles, and external candidates.
  • Evaluate ‘fit’ and identify gaps in leadership talent in comparison to the benchmark.
  • Provide advisory services to enable you to make strategic, informed selection decisions.

In addition, we provide coaching services to senior managers post-sale to accelerate their growth and success in achieving the organization’s goals and objectives, and assessment of their teams. We also coach new leaders to assist with onboarding.

Assessment of the leadership team mitigates your risk of a bad hire or poor ‘fit’, which can lead to a decrease in operational productivity and stock performance, and collateral damage including interpersonal conflicts, dissatisfied clients, poor team morale, turnover of staff etc.

Getting it right, right from the beginning makes good financial sense for investors and organizations.

Our proven, validated assessment process provides you with a high level of confidence that you have assembled a ‘best in class’ management team that is a great synergistic fit with your values, operating style and results orientation.

For more information please contact Rebecca Heaslip, Executive Coach and President of Leadership Insight Inc.