Employee Engagement

Employee Engagement is the degree to which employees are motivated to contribute to the success of an organization. Employees who have a high engagement score on surveys have pride in their work and are committed to helping an organization achieve its goals - often putting extra effort into their work to get the job done. They also have higher performance scores which drive organizational performance.

 The Gallup organization defines engagement simply as…
‘the involvement with and enthusiasm for work.’

 An engaged, loyal employee is your best customer, generating word of mouth advertising that trumps all other types of promotion.

Leadership Insight offers a broad scope of solutions to enhance employee engagement:

  • Consulting services to help you create and sustain a high-performance organization by identifying and developing employees that fit your culture.
  • Employee engagement surveys to measure employee commitment and loyalty to your organization.
  • Training programs to help managers coach employees for development not just performance : the Confident Coach
  • Coaching services as a follow-up to our training programs to ensure a transference of learning back to the workplace and sustained motivation.

Leadership Insight helps you create a customized Employee Engagement survey to assess:

  • emotional connectedness, sense of belonging
  • recognition, reward, benefits
  • training and development opportunities
  • communication – open and frequent
  • faith/belief in the organization’s leaders
  • diversity/tolerance/work-life balance
  • corporate brand/image
  • other cultural norms, policies

In addition to creating and implementing your survey, we advise you on the next steps such as how to communicate results with your staff and involve teams in determining the 2-3 areas that need to be addressed to support them. We ensure your action plans are SMART – and that there is buy-in from all levels of staff.

To learn more about how to enhance employee engagement in your organization, please contact us.