Speaking Engagements

Are you looking for a speaker for your next event? Rebecca Heaslip is available to speak at conferences, executive retreats and lunch and learns.

The following topics are available in:

  • One to two hour keynote addresses, to 1/2 day sessions. (Rebecca is also available to facilitate training courses on leadership, coaching practices, communication strategies and intuition.




  1. Succession Planning – Whose Job is it?
  2. Advancing Your Career – If It’s to Be It’s Up to Me!
  3. Balancing Intuition and Cognition for Effective Decision-making
  4. How to Implement Stress-free 360 Surveys
  5. Coach up the Organization
  6. Create a Coaching Culture
  7. Employee Engagement -What’s TRUST Got To Do With It!
  8. Leader as Coach
  9. Strategic Leadership
  10. What's Your Gut Telling You?


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May 2016
Electrical Distributors Association, Connect Women Conference
Advancing Your Career– If It’s to Be its Up to Me!


May 2016
HRPA Grand Valley Chapter
Succession Planning – Whose Job is it?

April 2016
Waterloo Region HR Networking Group
Ensure Success in Succession Planning Fortify Managers to Effectively Identify and Develop Top Talent


April 16th
You are Smarter Than You Think-Balance Intuition with Cognition to Make Smart Decisions
FEI Canada's 7th Annual SME Conference 2015
Burlington Convention Centre


March 4th
You are Smarter Than You Think-Balance Intuition with Cognition to Make Smart Career/Life Decisions
Connect Women Conference- Whitby Chamber
Hosted by Whitby Chamber of Commerce - Ajax Convention Centre




October 21st
You are Smarter Than You Think - How to Leverage Intuition and Cognition to Make Smart Life Decisions
Mc Master - DeGroot School of Business

September 12th
Succession Planning and Career Empowerment – It’s Everyone’s Job
OMHRA- Alliston

July 10th
Balance Intuition with Cognition for Smart Decision-making!
CSAE Summer Summit- Windsor


May 5th
HRPA Halton Chapter

March 27th
Women as Career Coaches Event

Halton Industry Education Council

March 20th
Annual General Meeting

February 22nd
Leveraging Intuition to Make Smart Decisions
The Executive Round Table

February 20th
Topic: Intuition

Halton Women's Centre

February 15th at 10:00 a.m. PT
February 16th at 3:00 p.m. PT
HealthyLife.net. All Positive Talk Radio Interview with Sharkie Zartman

January 16 & 20th
WHPC-FM Secrets of Success:Trust Your Gut - Radio Interview with Bill Horan, NY

Click here to download the MP3 file for FREE. Here is how to access it: Click on allow program to access your computer.  Launch Application menu will appear. Click OK. Then click on WHPC FM 90.3 Radio Station. Scroll the menu (half way down the page) to the right to click on Secrets to Success.  Scroll down to item 101 Secrets to Success – Trust Your Gut. Click on GET. This is a Free download.

January 24th
Word of Mom - Radio Interview with Dori DeCarlo. (Mobile and iPad users Click Here to listen.)




February 1st

HRPA Annual Conference          
TOPIC: Employee Engagement - What’s TRUST Got To Do With It

March  28th
TOPIC: Evaluating Performance & Potential for HR Professionals–How to Implement 360 surveys

April 3rd
HRPA -Peel
TOPIC: Coach up the Organization –Gain Influence by Helping Managers Achieve Their Potential

November 1st
Sponsor of: Brand-U Fabulous Conference

November 5th
CGA Ontario
TOPIC: Dynamic Communication Skills-workshop

November 8th
CGA Ontario Conference          
TOPIC: Strategic Leadership

November 27th
CGA Ontario
TOPIC: Leadership & Coaching–workshop


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