Position Benchmarks

For Selection Succession Planning & Career Development

Work Environment™

Work Environment is a DISC assessment of the soft skill requirements in a job. This survey is completed by those individuals who have a clear understanding of the key functions in a job. It takes only 10-15 minutes to complete and becomes a benchmark against which to compare candidates for selection or employees for development purposes.



TriMetrix is a comprehensive system that enables businesses to benchmark a job, assess the talent, and match the talent to the job.

Trimetrix Job Plus Report is an online assessment of the personal talents (PTSI), behavioural traits (DISC) and rewards/culture (PIAV) in a position. Organizations use this to produce a benchmark of the talent requirements in a job against which candidates are compared. It has applications for employee selection, performance management, coaching, and succession planning, and it is suitable for all positions, but particularly for more senior roles. This report also provides definitions of the top job-related soft skills and interview questions.

Trimetrix Job Plus/Talent Comparison Report compiles the results of several candidates and compares them to the specific job requirements. The report also includes job-related behavioural-based interview questions.




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Job/Talent Insights™

Job Insights ranks the top DISC behaviours and Values (PIAV) in a job as determined by the key stakeholders. This report also provides definitions of the top job-related soft skills and interview questions.

Talent Insights is completed by a candidate to assess their scoring on eight behavioural competencies and their ranking on six values and attitudes. It is often used to screen large numbers of candidates. Full, narrative reports can be generated for short-listed candidates from these summary reports.

Job/Talent Comparison Report compares the scores of up to 5 applicants against the job benchmark.




Did you know that using a position benchmark in your selection programs enhances your protection against any possible litigation? Your defense is that it is not about the person - it is a question of what style is best suited for the position.


TTI Performance DNA ™

TTI Performance DNA ™system reveals the ‘how’, ‘why’ and ‘what’ of individual performance. This is accomplished through an assessment of the BEHAVIOURS people bring to the job, the VALUES that motivate people to do a job, and the PERSONAL SKILLS they have mastered (or not).

As a job benchmarking tool, the same three areas are used to measure the requirements of the job, providing a complete system to compare talent to the position and create the best job fit.




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