Team Development

Leadership Insight™ works with teams to:

  • Help define their mission, core values and goals.
  • Enhance team communication and spirit.
  • Identify the key strengths and weaknesses of the team
  • Adjust the team’s functioning to gain strength and become more respectful of individual differences and contributions.
  • Build strategies for sustaining high performance.

Leadership Insight offers the following programs to enhance team performance:

More and more companies rely on team decision-making to achieve the objectives of the organization. Yet poor communication often derails, even the best intentions of a well functioning team.

Would you describe your team as:

  • High performing?
  • Dysfunctional?
  • Social but effective?
  • Don't know?

We can help you to evaluate your team's strengths, weaknesses/needs and provide training to target these opportunities for improvement.


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